LoBsterCon’s brave new world

Hey LoBsters.

We’re now coming up to our 17th (!) gaming weekend by the sea, and in a spirit of maturity we decided it was time to break free from meetup and go our own way.

All tickets will now be sold on this site, giving us greater freedom in how we ensure the weekend is as fun as it can be (including a wider selection of raffle prizes).

LoBsterCon continues to grow and we’re excited by that, but we still hold our strong ties with London on Board. There is, however, space to grow beyond LoB and the current organising team (Tom, Alex, Ronan and Chris) are exploring ideas to promote the weekend outside of the club, while still keen to make sure LoBsters get first dibs and remain our core attendees.

We hope you enjoy the new site, and look forward to many more LoBsterCons to come!

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