LoBsterCon started as London-On-Board…. On-Sea!!! in Spring 2011. London on Board’s (LoB… hence LoBster, a term coined by Roger) Sunday organiser Jeff wanted a weekend away in the mould of the Gathering of Friends, and booked a small hotel on the Eastbourne seafront.

Well, word soon spread, and in November 2011 the event moved over the road to the York House Hotel with double the attendees!

The format worked great, and numbers crept up with the twice-yearly event now becoming a solid fixture in our diaries. By event four we had the name – L.O.B.Ster-Con – and the start of the strapline tradition. LoBsterCon VI in November 2013 saw Jeff introduce an invite-only approach based on LoB attendance due to the sheer popularity of the weekends.

Numbers crept up and after 8 fabulous events Jeff stepped down, and Tom took over. By now we had 99 attendees, compared to the 21 who went to the first one.

Gaming at The Cumberland

In Spring 2016 we finally outgrew TYH and moved up the coast, past the pier and into The Cumberland Hotel. By now we were big enough to take over the entire building and provide uninterrupted gaming for over 100 LoBsters. The move brought a few changes, including tickets and special events such as the now traditional Saturday night raffle.

We now have over 150 gamers, a dedicated website and an organising team of four to prep the event, take bookings, set up and host you. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!